Sunday, May 3, 2009

Juniors at Cat's Hill (1-2 in the 15-16 race)

Photo by Larry (not the best shot, but I wanted to show the climb)

Check out James LaBerge's race write-up. The 36th annual Cat's Hill Classic is part of the Lance Armstrong series and the top 5 riders qualify for the 2009 Regional Development Camps (I am the head coach at the June 21-26 camp at St. Mary's College). Cat's Hill is more than a 6 corner critium because the town of Los Gatos gets behind this race and allows the athletes to race along the one mile loop that includes a brutal 23% gradient climb and a fast finish along tree lined streets. Here's James report:

Well, today was an interesting day with the weather and it ended up dry! Joel finished with a solid top 10 finish in the 3's (7th) and he did the juniors right after. It was Joel, Alistair, Marcus, David, and I for the junior race and I think we used our numbers effectively, but not as good as last week at Wente. Anyways, during the race, there were always attacks during the 1st half of the race and I got in one of them, but didn't succeed. With about 5 to go, two 17-18 year olds (Daniel Farinha- SJBC and Nick Kinney- Team Swift) went up the road without Joel. People tried to catch the break, but we never caught them and that was 1-2 for the 17-18 age group, but the 15-16 age group was still wide open. There was attack after attack in the closing laps, but I just kept following wheels and on the last lap David gave it his all up the hill and drove it to the park and looked like he was done, but I said to him to keep on going to not let it slow down going into the downhill. And so he did and made my attack, just like last year on the down hill and David got on my wheel (or 2 back) and we went 1-2 in the 15-16 age group. Marcus goth 5th and Alistair helped us with some attacks. Great job juniors and let's keep it up and do it again next week at Joseph Mendes Criterium (EBC)!!!! -James LaBerge

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