Tuesday, October 7, 2008

last race of 2008... not yet

It's early October and the team has been racing (and winning) since the Mount San Bruno Hill Climb on January 1. Kevin, Craig and I braved the light rain last Saturday during the 10 mile Calaveras time trial and scored a first, second (both in the 1/2/Pro event) and a first (in the M45 event). Time wise, Kevin set a new course of 23:21 (with 400 feet of climbing on this out and back course) besting Craig by 2 seconds and me by 15 seconds.

I'm heading to Masters Track Worlds in Australia where I'll be competing in the...
- 500m on Oct. 14th (too short of a race for me but I'll get to train and practice on the 2000 Olympic velodrome in Sydney, including the electronic start gate)
- 2000m on Oct. 15th (what better gift to give myself on my 50th birthday than a gold medal in this event?)
- 7.5km scratch race on Oct. 16th (anything is possible in this relatively short mass start event)
- match sprints on Oct. 17th and 18th (I may go to the beach instead!)
- points race on Oct 19th (ah yeah!)

If I have a good internet connection I'll send updates from Sydney. Cheers, Larry


FWS said...

As a fellow 50+ racer, I just
have to say you've always been
an inspiration. Just wishing you
the best of luck in Sydney. Gold
for your 50th, sounds good!

FWS DBC Masters

Velo Bella said...

Good luck Larry!

Brian Peterson said...

Good Luck Larry! I hope your b-day wish comes true.

Julie Granshaw said...

If i know you at all, the last thing you need is luck (although I always wish it for you anyway ;)). Stay focused, keep the positive thoughts flowing (like you always do) and race your heart out (what you love to do best). Hope to read updates while you're in Australia, but may be busying having a kid (stay tuned). Thinking of you...Jules

teamnolan said...

Jules- please let me know when the baby arrives... today would be a good day! Lar