Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 5- semi-finals and final match sprints = 1st

Team win #100 for 2008! How is it possible for a time trial frame that has been raced in the Tour de France to also be such a sweet match sprint frame? I’m not sure of all the possibilities, but the Specialized Transition helped me to win the individual pursuit, the scratch race and the match sprints.

I like this new sprint format! With a possible 8 to 12 rides in two days this tournament format is well suited for sprinters with endurance. I originally signed up for the sprints so that I would have a shot at the “Best All Around” competition, but I had so much fun that I just kept riding until I found myself in the gold medal round. Earlier this afternoon I faced Steven Darracott (Australia) and beat him in two rides. Steve Cronshaw (Great Britain) outsprinted David Wilmott (Australia) in three rides so Steve and I met in the finals. I won the first ride, the second ride but was relegated for an overly aggressive move and then won the third and final ride. David Wilmott scored the bronze.

A shake of thanks go out to Kenny and Annette Williams, Warren Geissert (long distance call); Rich Voss and all the other Americans that pushed, prodded and lifted me up for this one.

Oh, and I was drug tested too ;-)

Coming up: Day 6, a 60 lap points race! Lar


Toneman said...

You were relegated for an, uh, 'overly agressive move?' Wow!!And you say that you're 'not a sprinter!'

Congrats on your continued success, Lar. This is very cool. Can't wait to hear about the points race, and see the video of your sprint final. Above all, glad you are having fun!


jnevitt said...

We saw the points race live! You are amazing! I can't believe it took them so long to calculate the points! Yahooo! Live Stream is the best! We are watching you get your medal, too! You could be waving to us!
julie and andrew

teamnolan said...

yes, I was waving to you Julie and Andrew!

Molly said...

Congrats on all the wins! Everyone here at Specialized is going nuts over the wins!