Monday, October 13, 2008

2008 masters track worlds- Day 1

I’ve been in Australia for 48 hours and I just got connected to the internet. The direct (14 hour) flight was uneventful, just the way it’s supposed to be. On Sunday, Aubrey and I took a train to downtown Sydney, had a nice dinner and caught the bat show at sunset which was quite exciting to see as they make their nightly run from the botanical gardens to centennial park. Yesterday we took the bus/ train/ ferry/ bus/ ferry/ train/ taxi to the Sydney Zoo and back w/ Joe and Sandy Fineman. We enjoyed another nice dinner in downtown Sydney.

My first event, the 500m time trial starts at 1pm today. This event is not my specialty because I don’t have the explosive power that is required to go from a standing start to a full speed as quickly as possible. That being said, last years winner (Dave LeGrys from Great Britain) is not here to defend his title so the game is wide open.

I feel NO PRESSURE for this event. I signed up so that I could get in a good warm-up on the track, dial in my bike and practice that electronic start gate. And since this is a time trial then the whole event, the whole day is quantifiable. I mean, if I do the absolute best ride that I can and I don’t win I’ll still feel good about my ride. Conversely, if I don’t even do a personal best (35.7 seconds in San Jose at USA track nationals, in my one and only 500m ride ;-) and still place well, I won’t necessarily feel better. Today will also be a test of my eating, warm-up, cool-down routines, as well as my mental preparedness for a week that I have been targeting for three years.

My race write-up will be short… coming soon. Peace out, Larry

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Marcus said...

My dad watched you race live on the internet but I couldn't get on fast enough. I barely missed you. Did you finish 4th?
My dad said you had a large gear. What that the plan?
good luck on your other races