Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 4, sprints = qualified

I know, poor lighting on this picture but these cute little Koala's live in the trees!

Shortest post yet... shortest day at the track (yay)

Match sprinting, round one of five is the flying 200m time trial and I qualified first with a time of 11.387

I had a nice nap... hey, I'm on vacation!

Match sprinting, round two of five is number one seeded rider (me) against number twelve seeded rider and I won in a three lap match sprint.

Moving on to tomorrow and the sprint tournament continues (quarter finals best two of three rides; semi finals best two of three rides, then the finals best two of three rides). Since I'm not really a sprinter I'll see how my energy levels are because Sunday is my absolute favorite event: the points race!

Cheers, Larry

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Toneman said...


Just watched the scratch race. That was EPIC and masterful. Watching you take that lap was a thing of beauty. I was on the edge of my seat, man! That is so cool that there is the live feed and videos. Congrats on qualifying in the sprints, too. What a journey!