Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday, the Copperopolis race was very bumpy, windy, and cold. I started the day racing with the 15-16's, who did 2 laps. The race started with Alistair Eckman pushing the pace very hard on the first climb, which caused almost everyone in the group but six to get dropped including me. Since I was dropped, I decided to wait for Chris LaBerge so he could have someone to work with. On the second lap I decided to stop at the feed zone because I knew my chances of catching the pack was very slim. At that point I figured I had enough time to sign up for the 13-14's race so that I could help Jack. In the 13-14's there was an attack by Zeke Mostov on the first climb, which was really early to go but this caused the pack to split up. On the flat, there were 6 riders, including Jack and me, who chased Zeke as hard as we could but amazingly he stayed away and won the race. The chasing group finished with Jack getting 2nd and I behind him getting 3rd.

On another note, a week ago I was able to achieve one of my goals set for this season....I upgraded to CAT 3! I am now looking forward to racing with a faster and more experienced group. This weekend will be my first CAT 3 race in Napa and Menlo Park and I am excited. Let the fun (or hurt) begin!!!!

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