Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sea Otter was a Classic

Off for a short vaca tomorrow but first a quick race recap. Just back from a couple days at the Sea Otter Classic and had a great time. Always fun to see the cool new stuff on display and enjoy the festival-like atmosphere. Also nice to catch up with cycling buddies from Southern Cal and see how things are going for them.

Anyhow, here's an abbreviated recap of the circuit and road races.

Circuit came down to a break with Chris Phipps / Morgan Stanley, Kevin Klein / Yahoo!, Kevin Metcalfe and I. It concluded with a field sprint of me vs. Kevin Klein, which pretty much anyone can predict. Todd Manley shot this cool video with the outcome.

After a hard circuit race we were a little unsure of what we'd have left for the 69-mile road race. Turns out Kevin Metcalfe had plenty, as evident when he took off about 2 miles into the race on the first climb and stuck it all the way to the finish. Miles 2-59 were pretty boring as Craig, Rob and I policed the race but also whittled it down to a selection of 7-8 on the final climb. I attempted to lead out Craig but lost him on the last little kick about 100m from the finish and was out-sprinted by Kevin Klein. No matter since our Kevin won. Craig took 4th and I took 3rd.

Great weekend, great fun. Now for a few great few days off to reset for rest of the season!


Manley Man said...

I'm not sure if you guys in the break were paying attention, but the announcer at the start/finish line couldn't keep the breaks from the 35+ and 45+ fields straight. He might have been hitting the bottle since his lack of attention was pretty apparent to anybody who know the riders on the course (he didn't). Just listen to the last video clip as he calls Nolan in the sprint and then realizes it's the 35+ guys.

Lar said...

I'm cool with Bruce's announcing... I'm not so cool with the way that Kevin Klein came over on Chris Lyman in the sprint.

Great racing young guys!