Tuesday, September 25, 2007

let pain be your guide

... a few folks were giving me a hard time because I didn't break any bones in my fall at masters track nationals... well, the MRI shows that I fractured both the bankart and greater tuberosity bones. That's it, the season is over. I'm okay with that.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Dr. Eric Heiden. That was cool. I had been talking to my buddy Warren Geissert about shoulder injuries, he's coached by Max Testa, and Max knew exactly what had happened in my fall. My question was about shoulder surgery or not. Eric works with Max in Park City so Eric took a look at the MRI and advised to wait on surgery. My Doc (Warren King) had advised the same so it was cool to get affirmation (and good news) from one of my heroes.

I'm healing up fine and back to commuting by bike. All the doctors advise that I let pain be my guide. Makes sense to me ;-)

2007 has been a great year and I look forward to 2008. Larry


WarrenG said...

Larry's new friends...

"Let pain be your guide"... Larry's pain tolerance? Or that of a normal person?

Be nice to your supraspinatus and next Spring you can throw some super pain at us.

MickH said...

He meant that you should MINIMIZE the pain, not maximize it. Most people wouldn't need this clarification.

Rick said...

Maybe they shouldhave told you..."Let the pain you have inflicted on others be your guide"...Glad to hear you are going to avoid the knife.

Get welll quick!