Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Early Birds

The Early Bird Training Races have a reputation as a great place to start bicycle racing. The past three weeks have been well attended with close to 300 newly licensed juniors, women and men racers. Team Specialized is highly involved in this five-week series with its leadership and mentoring. Which brings me to the point of this note:

We ask our 14 junior teammates (8 live in Nor Cal) to help mentor the new racers as part of their development. Questions from new racers help to solidify the juniors experiences and get them to anticipate the next set of new racer questions (I think we all agree that cycling is a complex sport!). It's been great to have our Nor Cal juniors helping the new racers. Thanks Marcus, Andrew, Torey, Jack, James, Chris and Matt!

We also ask our juniors to race in the 1/2/3/P training race. We always encourage them to give it their best and to race, not just sit in the pack. Juniors will always amaze you when you ask them for slightly more than what they had thought to be their limit. And, they are always pleased when they exceed not only their expectations but the teams as well. See you on Sunday, Larry Nolan, Team Specialized

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