Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 season

What a great way to start a new season by winning 2 of the 1st 3 training races of the year! It is truely remarkable to look back at who we were and how strong of a team Team Specialized Racing was just a mere 3 years ago. We had about 7 jrs, all split up in the junior ranks and hardly any of us were cat 3's or even cat 2's. Today, we have 14 juniors on the squad and have expanded nationally not only on the western states but as far as GA (5 cat 3's, 8 cat 2's, and 1cat 1). I've been on this team ever since this junior program has started and it is almost unbelieveable of what kind of turn around we have had and the big learning and physical jumps we have made each and every year.

Not only did we win yesterday at the EB crit, but we worked as a team at the front, countering each others moves and did a successful leadout on the last lap. It wasn't necessarily just a jrs team win or a masters getting a work out in, but it was a TEAM win. And this is exactly what we love to see in the sport and I am very proud of all the guys on the team whether they were there racing with us or not, I can already tell this will be a memorable year for me not only because it's my last junior year, but I can see the fire in everyone's eyes and see how much they want to succeed and perform to the best of their abilities this year.

Looking forward to the 2011 season with all of my teammates! Thank you for reading.

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