Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Worlds TT or The Gravel Patch, St. Johan Style

We came, we saw, we didn't win... Cutting to the chase.

Mick was 2nd in 25:14 I believe. I was 6th in 25:40. The winner rode 25:08. Mick was faster than Thurlow's winning time from last year, but unfortunately not quite fast enough. I was happy with my ride, but not quite as happy with the placing. I think I gave everything I could have and didn't make any mistakes, but just didn't have as much to give as the five guys in front of me. I knew that since I started 10th that I needed to take the lead when I finished if I was to have any chance of a medal, but was only 2nd at that time. At that point I knew I most likely would get bumped out of the medals and that's what happened. What can you do. You ride hard and either you win or you don't. It was a fabulous experience and the TT course is spectacular.

Mick was the highest placing 45 year old from last year so he started last. Mick looked good coming in and based on the clock we though he was going to win, but alas it was not to be. Still, it was a hell of a ride and from talking to him, he didn't leave anything out there on the road.

Podium shot.

Rob rode a low 26 minute time for 12th place after finishing 3rd in the World Master's MTB championships last week in France. (Despite a couple of crashes!)

Tomorrow Rob will do his road race while Mick and I will road race on Saturday.

It looks like Michael Hutchinson from Team Spine placed 3rd in the 40 plus group. They must have some really strong guys as Mike is riding really well right now.


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Ippoc Amic said...

I love that place and the cool thing are the trophies...good luck to you all in the road race...