Saturday, September 3, 2011

My highlight from Masters Road Nationals

It’s been a great week of racing in Bend at Masters Road Nationals, which kicked off Wednesday with the time trial. Kevin handily won his age group, Rob and Craig were both on the podium finishing 4th, and I was fortunate enough to score my second stars & bars.

Standing atop the podium to receive the champion’s jersey would seem like the obvious highlight of my week. But that actually didn’t happen until Dean and I lined up for the crit together yesterday, and he rocket the sprint to win his ag criterium national championship.
The crit is pretty much the opposite of the time trial where success results from talent, timing, nerves, bike handling and other skills that I still don’t comprehend. Yet my understanding of how the win culminated from years of dedication, and what it meant to Dean, was as clear as the S (for Specialized) on our jerseys. It was an honor to be the on the same course with Dean and part of the tremendous accomplishment.

I came to cycling from the solitary sport of triathlon. Being part of a tight-nit squad like Team Specialized Racing is something that endears bike racing to me. Seeing teammates win is as meaningful as doing it myself. Fortunately this week I’ve been able to enjoy it from both perspectives with us winning three national championships and three additional podiums.

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