Tuesday, December 22, 2009

James's 2009 Cycling Season

Well, I would say that my cycling season this year was a success overall, but there is always room for improvement. I won this year's State Road Race and Criterium (15/16's), and I won other races this year. I had a very fun time with this great team this year and I’m very excited and motivated for the upcoming season!

I remember back in June, it was ICCC Dash for cash and Marcus (Smith) and I were racing the category 3's race. We worked very well together during the whole race, and it came down to a field sprint (which is great for me). Marcus and I coordinated with each other so well and we were magnets stuck together the whole last lap. Marcus gave me the best lead out ever and propelled me forward like no other. Even though I finished 2nd, we had super coordination!

Another great memory that I have from this past season was at Nationals, in the Criterium. Again, it came down to Marcus (Smith) and I. The race was really fast the whole time, and no one got away safely. It was 1 lap to go, and I thought it was just me left, and all of a sudden Marcus flies by the side of the field and attacks! And nobody chases! I thought Marcus was going to get swallowed up right away, but instead, we waited until 200 meters until the line. I finished 4th, and Marcus finished 6th. I learned that I should have taken the risk there and went with Marcus because I would have had a much better chance at winning the National Criterium!

Overall, this year was a great leap year and I believe this upcoming year will even better! I couldn't have performed like I did these past 2 years on Specialized without my team bike, components, wheels, coaching, and of course my teammates!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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