Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mt. Hood Classic- Arrival and Day 1 (Cooper Spur Circuit Race)

Wow. It's beautiful up here.

There's something about stage racing in Oregon that leaves you in a state of awe. The quality of the rural roads, the epic courses and gorgeous scenery, the meticulousness and friendliness of the promoters, and of course the great little towns, like Hood River.
Flying into the Dalles was a treat. I got some nice shots right over the Columbia on final approach. This one shows Mt. Hood at a distance:

We previewed the TT course yesterday, and I have to say it's one of the most amazing courses I have ever seen. Here's a shot of the road surface as well as a couple of perspective shots of the location of the course:
Today's Cooper Spur CR was a beast, even though it was only ~67mi, the climbing and heat (high 80s-low 90s) took a major toll on the field, shattering it to bits and pieces. The finish was at Cooper Spur resort (where we are staying), in a subalpine meadow below the Northern slope of Mt. Hood. Of course it was Dan Martin and the efforts to keep him in check that contributed as well. Rob Anderson was our man of the day. He rode a very impressive race and finished second to Dan, who decimated the field in yet another display of dominance.

Stage 1 Relevant Results:

1. Dan Martin, 67mi in 3h5min
2. Rob Anderson @ 2:22
10. Mick Hellman @ 3:10
12. Jeff Angermann @ 3:10
20. Kevin Metcalfe @ 3:54
34. Craig Roemer @ 13:58
38. Dylan Casey @ 18:52

Tomorrow is the TT, and we are really looking forward to it. I'll get the results and photos posted as soon as I can...

Off to bed! Thanks for reading.


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Nome Agusta said...

Sounds awesome!
Wish I were there...but glad I am not.