Monday, February 7, 2011

The unsung heroes at Cherry Pie

I wanted to give thanks to all of the parents that support Team Specialized week after week. What a great group of parents we have! Not only have they stepped up to provide help for our team (optimized trailer space, bike racks, mounts, a ladder, spare tire, and so much more) but they have fun while they are there. Our parents are one of the reasons our team is so successful. Their support is appreciated by this team manager. Hopefully a weeks notice is enough time for the juniors to show their love and appreciation for their parents support!

I'll start with the early Valentine's Day gift... my parents (Bob and Maureen) came out to Napa yesterday to watch me race and watch me direct the juniors. They like to see me having fun and they have been a big part of my support system all of my life.

I didn't take the top step of the Cherry Pie podium yesterday. I bridged to Greg Betonte (Safeway) in the M45 race and the chase behind stalled. The pack was probably thinking that two sprinters would look at eachother and stop working. But its early season so Greg and I worked together until the last lap. Greg has a better sprint than me, he knows that, so it's my job to get away from him or take him at the line. With teammate Kevin Metcalfe gaining on us I stopped working, Greg led the whole last lap and rode a perfect razor to the line. I was 2nd and Kevin was 3rd. New 45+ teammate Steve Cassani was 7th and crit racing teammate Rob Anderson took 3rd in the M55 race (we raced together).

In the 1/2/Pro race they saw me working to keep a field sprint where Freddie Rodriguez took 2nd and 17 year old David Benkoski took 4th.

I have to admit that I'm still having fun racing on this course (21 years ago this was the District Champs course)

Jess Raphael and my mom at the 2008 Cherry Pie Crit

Thanks for coming out to the races mom and dad. I love you both! Larry

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