Saturday, July 17, 2010

Team Specialized is travelling across the USA

Life is pretty good when you only have four priorities in your day and that's what we've had in the past five days. We left the Bay Area early Monday morning (July 12)for our drive to Val-d'Or Canada for the Tour de l'abitibi, the largest Juniors stage race in the world. 7 stages over 6 days (July 20-25) for 585km of racing.

+ Monday we made it to Salt Lake City just after we enjoyed a short ride in Elko Nevada. 3 states and 756 miles down.
+ Tuesday we moved across 80 with our 22 bikes, van and trailer to Gallala, NE two states and 608 miles later. Before sundown we jumped on our bikes for a two hour paceline ride without stop signs or lights.
+ Wednesday we covered Nebraska and Iowa and etched into Illinois where we stopped for a ride along the Mississippi river. Another 629 miles
+ Thursday we headed up to Wisconsin for Super Week and a great 100km crit in Cudahy, WI (212 mile day). German, French, Columbians and lots of American talent in this P/1/2 race. Dean, James, Eamon, Andrew and I were up for the challenge and Eamon was on fine form. He made the break and the six of them took a lap before we were half way through. We protected him, fed and watered him and he had a great race to finish 5th. Fifth place at Super Week!
+ Friday we slept in, Dean and I raced the masters event of Super week in Brookside, WI. Let's just say that we were both marked pretty well and a bit less than 100% after the 100km the night before. We took 4th and 3rd place and then headed to Ann Arbor, MI (326 miles).
+ today we have 284 miles to drive to Toronto to pick up David, Peter and Torey from the airport.
+ tomorrow we need to get 459 miles from Toronto to Val-d'or
+ Monday, July 19th we will have our team presentation
+ Tuesday, July 20th the team will race the first stage!

Drive, sleep, eat and ride. Life is great! Larry

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